Don’t Automate Yet

  1. Automating a bad process does not lead to cost savings or gains in efficiency
  2. Automation requires continuous investment in upgrades and maintenance
  3. Robots and software are not as flexible as people
  4. Automated tools do not have ideas — they can only do exactly what they are told to do
  5. Support for existing tech tools wanes as new technologies are invented
  6. We lose control of processes when rely too heavily on technology we don’t fully grasp, created by outside vendors we don’t control
  1. Automated outbound messaging for sales, recruiting, account management, business development, or anything similar often relies on variable placeholders like a person’s name, company, or job title. Most tools will pull that information from a database or profile somewhere, e.g. LinkedIn. Most automated tools can’t handle any non-standard format, though, and will result in errors, devaluing the outbound message’s intent. The solution most teams implement for this kind of thing is human quality control, which often defeats the purpose of automation.
  2. Automated reporting on KPIs, sales numbers, warm leads, accounting / finance numbers or social media followers often results in too many reports that no one reads. Automating too many reports is a waste of effort if they are not being used for anything. Instead of trying to use more automating to make the reports look more interesting, eliminating them might be a better alternative.




Author of “The Pocket Guide To Making Stuff Better.” Business Engineer. More on Twitter @Quinn_Hanson22

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Quinn Hanson

Quinn Hanson

Author of “The Pocket Guide To Making Stuff Better.” Business Engineer. More on Twitter @Quinn_Hanson22

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